Benua Softworks, an Indonesian independent video game development studio, has created a Run Roll Rumble! Their new multiplayer fighter is out now.

If you’re familiar with the mechanics of Smash Bros series, then you get the idea…Run Roll Rumble is heavily inspired by that series, though instead of familiar and beloved licensed characters beating each other up, it’s crude stick figure models in a city environment. According to the developers it’s “set in an ordinary neighborhood in which its citizens solve their daily conflicts by fighting against each other.”

Your one and only goal is to make your opponent fall off the stage, and while you can simply push them off through brute force, you can also make use of items you find on the field to blow them up, or whatever else is necessary.

  • Punch, jump, roll, throw
  • Get special items and cast a flashy spell
  • Win & Survive
  • Play with your friend in one computer using your gamepad and a keyboard
  • Play with random folks on the internet for up to 4 players.
  • Create a room for up to 4 players online.

You can check out Run Roll Rumble on Steam today. A special discount, for the next few days only, takes 20% off the price.