Back when the first person shooter was a young genre, there was only one rule: if it moves, shoot it. That basic approach was what made 90s shooters like Doom and Quake such mindless fun, and the spiritual successor Hellbound, from the devoted Doom fans at Saibot Studios, is ready to take the mantle.

You play Hellgore, a trash-taking muscle man who finds himself in hell (where else) and aims to bust out the only way he knows how — by annihilating everything in his path! First announced two years ago and funded on Kickstarter, the game has been teased through several demos. Saibot is now wrapping up Hellbound with the help of developers Nimble Giant, who created arena shooter Quantum League.

“We’ve learned a lot since the demo’s release, and have fueled that into the creation of a full-fledged campaign that will test players’ mettle as they carve their way through demons as fast as they can! Speed is the name of the game in Hellbound,” says Tobias Rusjan from Saibot Studios.

  • FAST-PACED ACTION: Be consumed by the relentless gameplay that rips you through demon dominated levels!
  • WEAPON SELECTION: How you slaughter monsters is just as important as doing it. Can someone say Triple Shotgun?
  • DEVASTATING POWERS: Pairing those weapons with boosts such as increased damage and speed ratchets up the action another notch!
  • MONSTROUS GRAPHICS: Hellbound delivers high-resolution gameplay without sacrificing the nostalgic feeling.
  • A CAVALCADE OF DEMONS: Enhancing the gameplay is demonic variety, pushing the player to tackle the game in different ways.
  • Kick a**es while listening to the soundtrack composed by the great David Levill, with invited artists Federico Ágreda “Zardonic” and Christian Fernando Perucchi.
  • 7 campaign levels, 4 survival arenas, 8 classes of enemies, 5 heavy weapons, 3 power-ups, and tons of secrets to discover!

Hellbound is bound for PCs via Steam August 4.