Deck13’s The Surge 2, published by Focus Home Interactive, will be released this fall, both companies announced today. And the preorders are now live.

A mysterious collision causes your plane to crash near Jericho City. Weeks later, you awaken in a crumbling metropolis overrun by a deadly nanite-based disease. Rampant machines roam the rubble, military forces carry out mysterious plans, and survivors are left to fend for themselves. Jericho City needs you.

The situation sounds bad — for a civilian. Good thing YOU have a high-tech exo-suit that can be upgraded from parts you scavenge in the environment or from slain enemies. Plus, you’re not technically alone — you have a Combat Drone following you that comes equipped with its own suite of weaponry.

And the combat has been refined from The Surge 1. “We’ve enriched the game’s combat in many different ways: enhanced and adaptive enemy design and AI, a wider weapon variety, directional blocking, and much more,” says creative director Jan Klose. When an enemy approaches, you can target its unarmored limbs for a quick defeat, or hack away at its tougher parts for a tougher battle, but better loot.

If you preorder The Surge 2, you will get the URBN Gear Pack DLC, which includes an armor set, two weapons, one drone, one module, and a bonus online message icon. You can also preorder The Surge 2 Limited Edition which has an exclusive lenticular cover, an 8-page comic book, a massive double-side poster and three lithographs.

The Surge 2 will be out on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC September 24.

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