PAN Vision is pleased to announce that our critically acclaimed and innovative title Piclings will be available for free this weekend.

Piclings is a new platform game for iOS devices that turns photos into playable worlds. Snap a pic of fancy building architectures, beautiful natural landscapes, or even one of your weird uncle’s mangy dog, and the game engine takes care of the rest, converting into levels populated with enemy Huffies and Puffies standing in the way of treasures to be collected.

Piclings highlights include:
·         Single player platform game for all ages that allows players to turn their photos into unique levels filled with enemies and rewards.
·         Create and share your original levels with other players using the easy, built-in iPhone mail client.

Piclings is available on the Apple App Store:
iPhone & iPad:
View the Piclings trailer here:
For more information on the game visit: or follow the game on