The French indie developer Lightbulb Crew is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming horror-themed tactical turn-based title, Othercide. Now they’re close enough to set a release window: the game will arrive this summer on consoles and PC.

You are collectively a group of highly skilled warriors known as the Daughters. As the last stand between your world and a deadly dimension full of bloodthirsty monsters, you must enter the Othercide and take them all out before they invade.

Othercide’s visually stunning universe is ruthless: you’ll face deadly missions, roguelite features like limited resources and permadeath, and the difficult decision to sacrifice one Daughter to make another stronger. Your prowess in combat will decide the fate of your Daughters, shaping their stats, abilities and personalities for better or worse, evolving over time into a reflection of your actions.

You will have the ability to learn new skills by extracting them from the minds of slain monsters, but you’ll only have a limited number of slots to retain abilities, and they cannot be erased unless you sacrifice your character (if you do, the other Daughters will notice this and react). There are other tough choices you’ll have to make throughout the game; various events will either make the Daughters stronger, or weaker. It depends on how you play!

You can take a look at Othercide when it’s shown off at PAX East next weekend. Look for it at the Focus Home Interactive booth (#29017) from February 27 to March 1. Othercide will be released in the summer of 2020 on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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