UFOs! They’re out there….or not. Whether or not they’re real, America has had a long, long relationship with them (and we’re not just talking about the anal probe incidents). Small Town Monsters, makers of fine urban legend documentaries, explores the history of flying saucers and their followers in their latest doc, “On The Trail Of UFOs.”

Director Seth Breedlove (who also founded Small Town Media) and Shannon Legro are your hosts for this fascinating dive into the lore and legend of Unidentified Flying Objects, through touring fourteen different states in the US and interviewing witnesses, investigators, and skeptics (nearly thirty interviews in all). There was also enough time before post-production to fit the recent social media inspired “run” on Area 51 into the doc.

“On the Trail of UFOs” takes viewers from the gates of Area 51 itself, to the snow-capped White Mountains of New Hampshire. Filming took place across the United States, including New York City, Phoenix, Sedona, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Las Vegas. The team interviewed numerous witnesses and investigators of unknown aerial phenomena, including those who claim to have been abducted and experimented upon by real aliens. No stone was left unturned in putting together what Breedlove believes to be the most comprehensive look at the subject ever filmed. 

Go On The Trail Of UFOs with Small Town Monsters when the documentary is released March 20.

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