Seeka TV, a Minneapolis-based digital platform, has announced their dystopian series Northbound will premiere its third season next spring. Filmed entirely in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the series concerns a lone father, Alex, as he fights to protect his comatose daughter Crystal from apocalyptic horrors.  The series was created by Michigan natives/brothers Seth & Nathan Anderson, and is produced by Jason Hagen.

The ultimate intent behind the series is a movie….Northbound was greenlit with the intention of telling the prequel story to Northstar, which will be filmed in the same area. We don’t know when Northstar will become a thing, but presumably that’ll happen whenever Northbound gets done telling its story. Two seasons so far, one on the way.

You can watch both existing seasons of Northbound on Seeka through Roku or Apple TV. The second season premiered in October of last year, and ranked within the Top 5 most viewed series on the SeekaTV platform. Season 3 is still too early in production for a trailer, so here’s what Season 2 looked like….