Indie Developer Meridian4 has published their puzzle game Night Lights on Steam.

You play as a little robot whose function is to turn lights on and off. The manipulation of light is the only way to solve the puzzles on each screen, and they get hairier as the game progresses. If there’s a story here, we don’t know it, but frankly we don’t care — puzzle games don’t really require stories. It’s a robot and he turns lights on and off; all you need to know is that he exists.

Night Lights can count among its fans YouTube stars Markiplier and jacksepticeye, who showed their viewers the demo back when it came out. More recently the game has been updated with fifteen new Steam achievements and language support for French, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

And currently, you can get it on sale. Night Lights will be sold at a 15% discount until October 14. Pick it up on Steam and move some lights around.

Night Lights, a PC strategy platformer by indie developer Meridian4 is available for purchase from Steam. In Night Lights you take on the role of a tiny robot and manipulate light and darkness to solve intricate puzzles. During its demo stage, it was picked up and played by famous YouTube personalities Markiplier and jacksepticeye who praised it for its ingenious mechanics. The game’s unique art style, as well as calming music, is perfect for relaxing after a long and hard day.

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