Perfect World Mobile has gained some additions within the last week…..a new class, new dungeons, new equipment slots, more equipment to stick into those slots, and new events. For starters, the Vulpine class has been added…they’re anthropomorphic fox people, and they’re strong fighters.

Belonging to the Untamed race, Vulpines are able to shift between
two forms similar to that of their fellow Untamed the Barbarians. While
Barbarians are able to shift between anthropoid and tiger forms, Vulpine
is able to shift between anthropoid and fox forms. Excelling in both
damage dealing and debuffing, making them powerful adversaries and
allies in both dungeons and PvP combat.
          As a member of the Untamed family, Vulpine can shapeshift, changing
between their bipedal and fox forms to give players more flexibility in
their abilities and the way they approach their adversaries. An
exceptional damage-dealer and debuffer both, the Vulpine stands as a
formidable adversary to any foolish enough to face her and her legion of
tamed pets.

You can try out the Vulpines in Perfect World Mobile’s two new dungeons, Dusk Temple Nightfall and the Ethereal Abode. They require a lot of experience with the game to tackle….teams of six players at level 99 is the recommendation. Dwelling inside the Dusk Temple is the deadly King of Evening and his court. They have plans to drive Perfect World into chaos, assuming you can’t stop them first (but you will). Inside the Ethereal Abode, you’ll find the Ether Fairy and the Lunar Envoy…they aren’t evil, they’re neutral beings who award anyone who can best them in battle.

Want more bosses to fight? Then be around Saturday evenings starting at 4 PM for the Demonic Beast invasion. Many will be challengeable, but your guild can only pick one, and each provides different rewards upon defeat. Guild Masters will be able to arrange their guild’s roster and decide which they’ll face.

  • Massive continent – 60,000 square kilometers panoramic three-dimensional map for players to explore
  • Perfect World Reinvigorated – next-gen graphics bring new life to the beloved places of Perfect World with realistic light and shadow effects
  • Long-loved playable races – playable races of humans, Winged Elves, and the Untamed
  • Rich class choices –  experience the classes from the original game, each class brings its own distinct characteristics
  • Unique flight system – take to the skies with the flight system found in the original game
  • Epic combat – engage in combat in the air, on land or in the oceans
  • Spirit-based skill enhancement system – immerse yourself in the balance of Yin and Yang
  • Oriental-inspired art style

Perfect World Mobile is available now on iOS and Android.