One month until Dragon Quest XI! What does Square Enix have left to show us? This latest trailer introduces you to the team you’ll be fighting with in the land of Erdrea.

The main character has no apparent name, but Square describes him as “a hero who must solve the mystery of his fate with the aid of a charming cast of supporting characters.” And here they are: Erik the boisterous warrior, Veronica the diminutive yet powerful spellcaster, Serena the timid healer (if an RPG really wanted to surprise me, it’d make the healer the strongest party member….still hasn’t happened), Sylvando the suave entertainer, Jade the cold and lethal martial artist, and Rab, noted only as “a mysterious old man.”

As always, the cast is rendered in the iconic Akira Toriyama style, but with the latest graphical engines powering it. This may be the most “realistic” the Toriyama style has ever looked. Dragon Quest XI lands on Playstation 4 and PC September 4.

Designed by famed comic book artist Akira Toriyama, each character has a unique personality and deep background story. From the reliable partner-in-crime Erik to the fearless young mage Veronica, along with the laid-back healer Serena, entertainer extraordinaire Sylvando, noble martial artist Jade, and mysterious old man Rab—together, they join the hero on a grand adventure through the world of Erdrea.