THQ Nordic’s Darksiders III centers around a character named Fury who lives in a land of borrowed biblical allegories. She’s referred to as the third Horseman of the Apocalypse and her goal is to defeat giant monster bosses called the Seven Deadly Sins. (And yet despite the mangled metaphors this is a video game, not an anime.)

Fury will have several powers at her disposal, one of which is highlighted in the new Darksiders III trailer. They’re called Hollows in the game, perhaps because she gets them from an ally called the Hollow Lord. This particular Hollow turns Fury into FORCE FURY, bulking her up! There are four Hollows in all, and using them at the right times is key to beating Darksiders III.

See what you think in the trailer below. The Darksiders series has been dormant for over six years, but it’s coming back with a bang. Darksiders III releases for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC November 27.

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games today unveiled FORCE FURY, the Force hollow form of Darksiders™ III protagonist and third horsemen of the Apocalypse FURY! Fury’s form evolves throughout the game and with it, her powers and weaponry. Her so called Hollows are powers bestowed upon her by the Hollow Lord to help her lead the Horsemen and defeat the Seven Deadly Sins. Once she unlocked them, Fury can switch between her four Hollows at will, to adapt to her enemies and environment

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