Today is the day! HomeBearStudio has finally released their point-and-click adventure puzzle game, Nairi Tower of Shirin, on the promised platforms (Nintendo Switch and PC)! In celebration, HomeBear has released a new launch trailer…..

….a new piece of art celebrating the release…..

nairi tower of shirin

…and this new screenshot, which speak for itself:

The Nairi mentioned in the title is a young spoiled woman who lives in the oasis city of Shirin. When a “sudden incident” separates her from her cushy life, she is forced to ally herself with the city’s seedy underbelly to survive, specifically with “gangster-turned-scholar” Rex (who is a literal rat).

“It’s been an exciting and creative time for the team developing a game with not only with a unique setting, and strong and endearing cast, but one inspired by many facets, including Japanese anime but also Disney Pixar,” says Joshua van Kuilenburg, founder of HomeBearStudio. “A synergy with so many ideas, strong storyline and tantalising puzzles, plus appealing to a wide audience with compelling gameplay has been our goal.”

“We believe that we have achieved this through our love of the adventure genre. Nairi Tower of Shirin is a point and click adventure puzzle game that offers up stunning graphics, engaging cast, superb audio, powerful narrative and puzzles that are a seamless part of the appealing storyline.”

  • Gameplay blends several mechanics from the visual novel / point and click adventure genre.
  • First-person perspective; lots of poignant dialogue with a host of gorgeous character portraits.
  • Lots of puzzles which involve collecting, combining, giving or using items.
  • Talk to characters and observe the environment for clues on how to progress.
  • Music is directly composed by the writer of the game’s story and helps build atmosphere.
  • No long or obvious tutorials or constant exposition during dialogue.

Nairi Tower of Shirin is out today for PC and Nintendo Switch; it costs the same amount ($9.99) on both platforms.

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