Bulgarian developer The Sixth Hammer has announced Moo Lander, a 2D adventure platformer now in production for PC. And yes, I’ll explain that title in a second.

They came from outer space: the Landers, a small alien species looking for the ultimate resource, a fuel of immense power to their civilization…….milk. You’ll be piloting their UFO and searching the countryside for sacred cows. Your milking mission can be played in either single player or multiplayer modes.

  • Tame the Mighty Cows
    Each one of those powerful bosses will pose a considerable threat and is a challenge worth remembering!
  • Upgrade your ship
    Unlock a set of over 6 unique abilities and meaningful upgrades branching into two separate trees!
  • Fight a variety of enemies
    Over 20 kinds of intelligent enemies are waiting for you to prevent you from fulfilling your goal. Each of them requires a different approach to deal with!
  • Engaging single-player campaign
    Play through over 5-hour long emotional campaign full of memorable characters and plot twists!
  • Multiplayer
    Experience the game online or with your friends in 4 player couch co-op!
  • 5 unique terrains
    Discover beautiful hand-crafted, yet lethal landscapes of the prehistoric Earth.
  • Challenge yourself
    Save your kind on one of 3 difficulty levels (with a little extra for all of you hardcore Milk Drinkers)
  • Interactive environment
    Explore and interact with objects around you using your abilities in an unusual way!

Unfortunately, The Sixth Hammer says Moo Lander won’t be completed this year. 2020 is a long time to wait for the experience of being an alien spaceship sent to probe cow udders…but there’s good news on that front. A fully functional demo can now be downloaded on Steam for free.

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