Publisher Team17 and developer Moi Rai Games released the Early Access version of Monster Sanctuary last summer. The game is a unique title that blends together Metroidvania exploration with Pokemon-style creature collecting. Your goal is to win fights, discover hidden areas and save the balance of nature.

A dark presence threatens the peace between humans and monsters, and you must wander the land, recruiting monsters to combat the rising threat. Your monster friends will help you destroy objects in your way, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles with their various powers. When you encounter enemies, the screen changes to 3-on-3 turn-based combat.

Now Monster Sanctuary has been updated with a new dark and foreboding area: the Underworld. You’ll find five new monsters inside to collect, as well as two evolutions for existing creatures and the new Grapple ability. Plus all this:

* DIVE INTO THE UNDERWORLD: Head down into the forbidden area of Monster Sanctuary, with entirely new areas to explore beneath the Blue Caves
* NEW MONSTERS: The monster roster is expanded with several powerful and deadly additions including Promethean and Moccus, together with a new evolution for early game monster, Rocky, called Megarock
* ITEMS & SKILLS: Players can utilize new skills like Counterfeit, Static, and Critical Poison, alongside items like the Totem, Scythe, and Clear Stone. The level cap has also been increased to 36
* EXPLORE WITH THE GRAPPLE: An all-new method of traversing the Metroidvania world, the grappling ability, opens up new opportunities for players

“We’ve been hard at work iterating upon Monster Sanctuary throughout Early Access, and the Underworld update is another step in the journey to its full release,” says Denis Sinner of Moi Ray Games. “Unlocking the Underworld is a key milestone in expanding the world players can explore, and we’re excited to see how the new monsters will affect their teams during combat.”

Monster Sanctuary is available now on Steam Early Access.

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