Mask Girl,3 Names, 3 Lives, 3 Murders


Mask Girl is an upcoming  Korean dark comedy coming to Netflix this August 18. It will explore the dark world of streamer. There are so many kinds of thrillers that I will end up writing a novel sized article if I wrote them all down. We have game streamers  who streams their videogame playthrough to a live audience. Then there is live performance streamers who showcases their talents.  The talent could be singing,dancing,painting,instrument playing etc.  We also have the mukbangers just streams themselves eating food.

The weirdest one would be the NPC streamers and Virtual avatars. I still don’t know why they have an audience but  kudos for them for making money. In South Asia, there those attractive female streamers who are just chatting. Many insecure men are afraid to talk to beautiful woman in real life. They have the courage to do that though virtually. When they tip the woman, she thanks him and acknowledges him.

Mask Girl focuses on this Mysterious female online streamer, who covers her identity behind  a golden mask and a Blonde flat straight wig with bangs.  This series is an adaptation of a Webtoon of the same title.

The Original Webtoon Mask girl is based from.


Mask Girl Teaser trailer

Mask Girl is admired by many people online. However, no one knows what she looks like because of the mask she wears. Nevertheless, her glamorous outfits flatter her body, adding to her allure. Despite her face being a mystery, people are captivated by her stunning physique alone. Moreover, she possesses a charismatic personality that attracts a loyal following of fans. Consequently, all of her supporters are curious to unveil the face behind the enigmatic mask. Furthermore, her larger-than-life personality has driven countless people to subscribe to her content. All things will go dark when a Murder happens.