The Runaways are coming back this holiday season, and we have the new trailer to prove it. Some might argue otherwise, but Season 1 was a large disappointment, stretching the plot of the first issue out to a season’s worth of episodes while focusing more on teen drama and talking than anything resembling superheroics. Seriously, when you find out your parents are dangerous supervillains, you RUN. It’s what you do.

Fortunately, the minute’s worth of clips we get in Hulu’s new trailer come closer to what we wanted from the show in the beginning. There are lots of spectacular action shots, bright bolts of magic flung everywhere, Nico being awesome multiple times, and most importantly, appearances from the dinosaur. There is even one half-second glimpse of what appears to be Karolina kissing Nico — fans of the comics had to wait through 17 years of WT/WT teasing to see that. Assuming it’s not a dream sequence.

Yes, now that they’ve actually become what the one-word title of the series describes, Season 2 should be a lot more interesting than Season 1. We hope.

Hulu and Marvel are still teasing a “connection” to the larger MCU this year, but pretty much everyone remains skeptical it’s anything noteworthy. Most likely an implied connection to Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger (as the characters guest-starred in an early issue of Runaways), but we shall see.