Kentucky Route Zero was released on consoles today. Created by just a three-person team calling themselves Cardboard Computer, the game sort of defies description — let’s call it a sidescrolling exploration mystery delivery visual novel walking simulator. It also took seven years to put together.

It’s new to Switchers and PS4-ers, but PC gamers are well familiar with Kentucky Route Zero. It was announced for the platform back in 2011, and its first chapter was released as a stand-alone in 2013. Subsequent chapters appeared in 2014 and 2016, and the long-delayed fifth and final chapter arrived just now. The game makes its console debut in the form of one package, delivered to your door.

Kentucky Route Zero is winning high praise from critics, and it may find new life on PS4 and Switch — which brings us to the stealth announcement of a limited physical print run, courtesy of IAm8Bit. Most collectors are accustomed to watching the Limited Run website for these kinds of things, but that’s not always the case.

Learn my lesson. I’m still bitter over another indie game, GRIS, holding a quiet physical Switch release on an obscure website that almost no one noticed. As of right now, GRIS is the most expensive Switch-related thing you can possibly buy; the third-party markup is more money than a Switch itself. There’s a good chance that Kentucky Route Zero will be overlooked in the same manner.

So I came here to warn you! The game is available for reserve right here, right now, on IAm8Bit, but only for a limited time, and who knows how long that limit actually is — “an undisclosed date” is what the site tells us. Both Switch and PS4 versions are available. Secure your right to handle a physical Kentucky Route Zero today, or forfeit that right for the rest of your life.