Life Is Strange Announced

Square Enix and the developers behind Remember Me, Dontnod Entertainment have today announced a new title ahead of Gamescom called Life Is Strange. There’s no trailer at the moment, but a press release did give away some details regarding the title, which we’re likely to see much more of during this coming week.

Life Is Strange is a game that will be released in an episodic format, similar to that of The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us. The game will see two lead characters attempting to solve a somewhat mysterious disappearance, which Dontnod Entertainment’s CEO Oskar Guilbert describes as “a twist on traditional story-driven games“.

Life Is Strange will be based in the fictional Arcadia Bay, Oregon. The lead characters attempting to unravel the mystery will be Max Caulfield, a student, and her friend Chloe. It’s one of their fellow friends, and presumably co-ed, Rachel that’s disappeared.

Interestingly, Max will have the ability to rewind time which the developers promise will change the story. As is the standard for any episodic title, particularly any late comers to the party looking to catch up with Telltale Games’ fine efforts, choice will play a big part in the game, as will the resulting consequences.

Dontnod’s previous title, Remember Me, had a similar time control mechanic. The title was published by Capcom and released during the last generation on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, although received mixed reviews following release. Metacritic holds a mediocre average 72% critic score; hopefully Dontnod Entertainment will have learnt lessons from the development of Remember Me, which was released as a complete game but also focused on narrative delivery.

There’s little info on Life Is Strange for now, but expect more in the coming week. Life Is Strange will release on the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One – no time frame has currently been given for release.

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