Indie studio Obscure Tales has launched the crowdfunding campaign for its horror title Lamentum.

Lamentum is a survival horror game set in 19th century England, rendered in pixel art with an overhead perspective. You’re trying to solve the secrets of Grau Hill Mansion in your search for a disease cure, but its residents — who lurk around every dark corner — would rather you stop and go home. If they can’t have that wish granted, they’ll settle for killing you.

Not everyone in Grau Hill is your enemy, but not everyone is your friend either. Who will you choose to trust? The game’s narrative will be shaped by your decisions.

You can guarantee a copy of Lamentum by going to the Kickstarter page and pledging $15. Upping that pledge to $19 will net you a digital art book and soundtrack on top of that. For $28 you’ll get two digital copies of everything — share with a friend. A physical copy does not appear to be part of the plan for this game.

As of this writing, Lamentum is one-third of the way to its funding goal with 21 days to go. Assuming finding is met, you’ll be able to play it next year on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC.