Kibou Entwertainment’s proposed investigative game Blood Opera Crescendo has a lot of good influences: the developers cite Ace Attorney, Persona and classic horror as inspirations. In 18th century Austria — also known as the Baroque period — you are orchestra director and skilled composer Heinrich Steiner, and you must track down the culprit behind a series of grisly murders.

The Kickstarter for Blood Opera Crescendo has now launched. Currently a $9 “Actor” pledge gets you the game, your name in the credits and a digital artbook, along with your portrait displayed in the game somewhere — this is cheaper than the planned retail cost of the game. $13 gets you all that plus the soundtrack. Pledge $22 and get two copies. The extravagant can go for the “Leading Actor” tier at $111, which gets you physical copies of everything.

You can also try out the game before you pledge — through a demo on the Kickstarter page, which contains one hour’s worth of gameplay and is available for both Windows and Linux (sorry, Macs).

  • A terrifying and elegant single-player adventure: a journey through the Baroque era on the trail of a murderer who transforms human beings into musical instruments

  • A refined soundtrack enriched with classical music masterpieces

  • 8-10 hours of gameplay in the complete game

  • Investigate, deceive, solve the mystery…and don’t get arrested!

  • Uncommon adventure game mechanics

  • Languages: English, Japanese, Italian

The estimated completion date for Blood Opera Crescendo is June of 2020, but you know how these dates for crowdfunded games can slip. Expect it sometime next year.

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