Remember Overstrike? It was set to be Insomniac Games’ first multi-platform game with EA, after PlayStation exclusive series’ Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. It had a promising, fun-filled trailer shown back in E3 2011 but it hasn’t been seen since – until today.

During Insomniac Games’ co-founder Ted Price’s PAX Prime keynote, he revealed an all new IP – titled Fuse.

GameInformer have revealed that Fuse is indeed a reworking of Overstrike, with an overhaul in terms of more than just its title. Insomniac also tweeted this screenshot from the game. The game’s official website also has a countdown clock which expires on September 12th.

Fuse is a first-person, four play co-op shooter that will be released, eventually. 

Here’s that E3 2011 trailer to refresh your memory:




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