Fuel™, a Youth Engagement company specializing in entertainment and gaming, and development studio Playbrains, released Sideway™: New York, the 2D platform puzzler set in a 3D world of street art, to PC gamers around the world via Valve’s Steam digital marketplace. Released for the PlayStation®Network (PSN) earlier this year, Fuel and Playbrains collaborated to create a PC-optimized version of Sideway for Steam’s 30 million gamers worldwide. With mind-bending challenges for gamers of all ages, cooperative multiplayer gameplay and a unique aesthetic, Sideway is now available for direct download via Steam for $9.99.

In conjunction with the launch of Sideway on Steam, Fuel has partnered with Skullcandy, leading manufacturer of core audio products, for the “Get Your Tag in the Game” contest. To participate, Skullcandy is asking aspiring street artists to create an original piece of artwork and submit via the Skullcandy Facebook page. It will be judged by the artists who created the game, with the grand prize winner getting their Tag immortalized in the PC version of Sideway.

“After the successful launch on PSN, we wanted to bring the exciting gameplay and visual style of Sideway to PC gamers,” said Mike Burns, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Fuel. “There’s been a huge resurgence in independent games on the PC, largely due to the ease of digital distribution, thanks to services like Valve’s Steam, so we partnered with Playbrains to develop an optimized version of Sideway to let PC gamers enjoy its addicting puzzle-platforming gameplay.”

Sideway tells the tale of Nox, a street-smart graffiti artist who treats the walls of New York City as his canvas. When Nox goes to see who tagged over one of his pieces, he finds himself getting sucked into the art, landing in the world of Sideway. In the strange new world Nox finds that the evil dark artist Spray has imprisoned him as a 2D image in Sideway while Spray attempts to conquer our world. Players must help the 2D Nox escape by guiding him through a 3D maze – one plane at a time – fighting Spray and his army of bosses and minions along the way.

In Sideway, players have 15 levels to explore New York’s five boroughs, while discovering unlockable abilities for Nox to soar, slide, jump and blast his way back to escape Spray’s evil clutches and prevent the dark artist’s takeover of the third dimension. The PC-optimized version of Sideway will feature multiplayer co-op and support for both keyboard and gamepad input, in addition to the unique art style and visual flair for which Fuel is renowned.