The Humble Bundle has returned with the Halloween themed Humble Indie Bundle 13. The games available at the pay-what-you-want tier include OlliOlli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Tower of Guns. If you beat the average price, which currently stands at $5.91, you also get access to comedy adventure Jazzpunk and survival horror sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs while a special $12 tier also unlocks access to the turn based tactical RPG Shadowrun Returns. The beat the average tier also includes four copies of the action platformer Risk of Rain, allowing you to keep a copy and share three others with your friends.

For those who are feeling extra generous there is a $65 option that includes all of the above along with a Fangamer merchandise box that includes collectible cards, a hoodie, custom art from the games in the bundle along with a limited edition patch and a cassette featuring tracks from the titles. Additionally, gamers can get their hand on a free game regardless of whether they purchase the bundle or not, simply entering your email address in the appropriate box grants access to Teleglitch: Die More Edition.

As is usual in Humble Bundles you can choose how you want to split your payment. The two charities supported by this particular bundle are Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and you can donate as little or as much as you to want to those two as well as deciding how much to give to the developers and Humble Bundle themselves. All games come with a Steam key as long as you pay a minimum of $1. If you prefer DRM-free options then you can download all of the games except Teleglitch directly from the site for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Humble Indie Bundle 13 is available for the next two weeks and more games will be added next week.