One of the more original horror movie premises we’ve heard comes from the just-announced film Conductor. And yes, they mean a music conductor. How can a music conductor be scary? Well, it depends on the methods they achieve their sound with.

Alexis thought she’d have to live her life deaf, but after going through the trauma of witnessing her family’s murder, she emerged not only with her hearing but with the rare ability to visualize music and sound. But she also came out of the incident…more than a little messed up.

Alexis is now obsessed with conducting, but concocts her musical masterpieces through unorthodox means. She finds random people and tears them apart, turning their anguish into music. Can anyone stop her? Maybe her roommate:

Conductor follows Alexis (Brown), a formerly deaf woman who recovered her hearing and gained synesthetic abilities after witnessing the brutal murder of her family when she was a child.  Finding solace in the sounds of bodily harm, she pursues a career in music, composing her masterpiece through gruesome murders.  She is supported by her loving roommate Marie (Simmons), who is blissfully unaware of the part she plays in Alexis’ work.  Faced with the possibility of losing her hearing again, Alexis relentlessly pursues her masterpiece through gruesome sound experiments on human flesh.

All we have to go on is the description, since nothing has been filmed — but we have no idea how Marie could be aiding Alexis in something like this and be unaware of what was actually going on.

We do know who’s playing who: Jasmin Savoy Brown (“The Leftovers”, “For the People”) will be Alexis. Lili Simmons (“Ray Donovan”, “Banshee”) will play the role of Marie. And James Jagger (“Vinyl”) plays Duke, a musician attracted to Marie, but rightfully wary of Alexis. The film will be written and directed by Alex Noyer.

Conductor currently has no release window.

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