When you hear the words “Goat of Duty,” what comes to mind? A parody of popular first-person shooters where instead of playing as a soldier of war you’re a goat with a giant gun strapped to your back? …You are correct; that is exactly what it is.

But it’s not finished yet. Goat of Duty launched on Early Access earlier this year, and it’s galloping toward completion with each update. This latest patch adds features the community around the game has been demanding, hence the name “Community Update.” Players have most desired a ranking system and leaderboard to add a new layer of competition to the battle for goat-ly dominance, and now they will get it.

You can now earn GOAT points for the following: how many kills you rack up, how many times you yourself were gunned down, and how much of the match you played (this is to cancel out late joiners). These numbers will be calculated along with the gap between your score and the average store of the whole lobby, which means exterminating a more experienced goat will be worth more than killing a newbie.

These four factors combine to equal your GOAT Score, which determines your place on the leaderboard.

“Goat of Duty’s debut couldn’t have gone better, but we don’t like to hear our fans bleating, so we decided to aim at them, responding to the scores of suggestions they’ve made over the last couple of weeks,” said Ivano Zanchetta, Game Director. “GOAT Score is going to bring a fresh competitive element to play, adding to the already manic nature of multiplayer.“

One more update for Goat Of Duty is planned around Christmas. This will be followed by the full launch on January 16. Goat of Duty is playable now on Steam Early Access.

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