Last year Rooster Teeth launched their most ambitious project to date, a CG cel-shaded mech series called gen:Lock. The first season has gotten a fair amount of exposure — you might have seen it on Rooster Teeth’s streaming channel, on Crunchyroll, or on Toonami during its broadcast run (which ended last month).

By the time the season ended, the storyline was far from resolved, but it won’t be cliffhung. Rooster Teeth and WarnerMedia just announced a second season is now under production, and it’s heading to…………..HBO Max. What else were you expecting?

No, this does not render all Rooster Teeth subscriptions useless, though it may make consumers consider dropping one for the other. The second season of gen:Lock will be an HBO Max exclusive for just the first three months of its release….after that Rooster Teeth’s FIRST members will get to see it. By that point though they’ll probably have switched to HBO Max already.

“We’re beyond excited to be producing a second season of gen:LOCK for HBO Max,” said Matt Hullum, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Rooster Teeth. “Billy Wee and the team at HBO Max have been incredibly supportive in the development process, and we’re thrilled to be working closely with them on this project. We were blown away by the response to the first season of this show, both by the Rooster Teeth community and the Adult Swim audience, and cannot wait to bring it to more fans of action, sci-fi, and mecha animation.”

Since gen:Lock Season Two is only just now getting under way, it has no release date or window yet.