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  1. Toku Prime

    Sentai sales figures since 1991

    I've just seen this circulating around on twitter and thought it makes for somewhat interesting reading for those of us who care about how the toy sales affect the franchise. Listed below are the sales totals for each Sentai series since Jetman (I guess that's the furthest back that could be...
  2. Sparkling Silver Wolf

    S.S. Wolf's Sales Thread (Sentai Mecha & Megazords)

    Hello. :) I've recently joined the forum to meet other members and discuss the toys and collectibles we all love. This thread consists of items that I currently up for sale,trade and items I'm interested in. Please feel free to e-mail/PM me any questions, concerns, inquires. Contact E-mail...
  3. TJOmega

    TJ's 2012 Sales! TFs, Switches, Minicons, Figuarts, Crossovers, much more!

    Time for another sales list. Clearing out some redundancies in my collection and trying to build up some funds for Hercules in the process. Everything listed is loose and in excellent condition with all accessories and instructions unless otherwise noted, just in case I'll double check before...
  4. WC21

    [SELLING] Rolling Sales from Wheelchair21

    Hey everyone! Herotaku/Rajio Nihon/Youtube's Wheelchair21 here coming at you to sell stuff. Please keep in mind that International Shipping Fees do apply so please keep that in Consideration if you are living outside of the US. Note: Newest Items will always be at the top. Candy Toy -...
  5. Horatio

    Horatio's Sales of AMAZING (KR, Video Games, Pokemon)

    Due to some stuff going on in comments, I wanted to specify something: all orders will be mailed out with delivery confirmation. If anyone who has bought from me through this forum in the past could comment about their items, that could be much appreciated. Regular paypal payments (as "gift"...