1. J

    Kamen Rider OOO Candroid Contest [Batta]

    I am giving away some Kamen Rider OOO Candroids on my blog Tokyo Hipster. We are on the Batta one right now and still have the Tako and Denki Unagi to go. All you have to do is retweet to win via these instructions: http://tokyohipster.com/2011/02/win-a-batta-candroid/ These are becoming a...
  2. drag-5

    competition - kamen rider decade - japan legend

    Hey guys, we're holding a competition over at japan-legend.com the competition is based around kamen rider decade, there are 3 category's with 3 potential winners. the prizes are kamen rider decade figures. the first category is to produce a tribute, the second is to do a bit of...