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    America Chavez is causing some controversy for Multiverse of Madness in some countries

    Conservative countries are always like that.
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    America Chavez is causing some controversy for Multiverse of Madness in some countries

    Thank God I am not from a Backwards country. I don't need to deal with censorship.
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    Ruins of Symbaroum 5E Given June 7 Premiere Date

    The biggest problem is that I wouldn't say I like levels and classes in 5e, but I'm glad they changed resting and spellcasting. I wonder how they have made the game less heroic? Dark fantasy is, for me, less courageous and more a struggle to survive. 5e is a superhero game and far from what I...
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    The House of the Dead Remake is now available in All Platforms!

    House of the Dead isn't even House of the Dead without a lightgun. Either wait for a Switch Light gun or hope it will be converted to PS VR and playable with a Move controller.
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    FOR YOU Trailer: MMA Drama That Promises a Heartwarming Love Story Covered by Bruises

    I love that they cast a woman who looks like a regular lady instead of a Hollywood Barbie Bombshell.
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    Square Announces Kingdom Hearts 4, Has Trailer Footage Ready

    What happened to Sora's ginormous shoes? Why does he have normal shoes now? KH lost its Uniqueness with this Final Fantasy Art Style.
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    Russian Doll Season 2, Now with Time Travel!

    Season 2 have a time skip from Season 1 because Charlie have a mustache now. He was always shaven in Season 1.
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    The Adam Project (2022)

    Time Travel is one of my favorite Science Fiction tropes! I got a Blast watching this, and I always had the fantasy of meeting my younger self and giving him the advice to change his destiny.
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    The CW Just Renewed Seven Shows — But Which Ones?

    Riverdale is a terrible show that gets worst every season and it is still not canceled. The Girls in my household are crazy about it though.
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    Ambulance – Do You Miss Michael Bay and his explosions?

    Jake Gyllenhal really love his Danish films. Its the 3rd one he remade.