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    Good News: Comic Scarlet Witch Is Still A Hero

    The Crimes she did in Multiverse of Madness happened in a different dimension, So I dont in the MCU she can still be a hero in the main universe despite of having tainted her hands with blood.
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    Marvel vs. DC? Ed Boon the creator of Mortal Kombat trying to make it happen!

    I am thinking about all the possible rivalries.Superman vs. Hulk Batman vs. Ironman Wonderwoman vs Storm She-Hulk vs Supergirl Deadpool vs Harley Quinn Killer Frost vs. Iceman Aquaman vs. Namor Flash vs. Quicksilver Shazam vs. Captain Marvel Catwoman vs. Shadow Cat Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye...
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    Coming To Disney+: Everything

    This looks like a great time to subscribe with all that content
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    Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods teaser

    I want to see some crossover in this movie but sadly we can't have Batman, Superman and Flash. Two were leaving while the other one got cancel cultured. I wish to see at least Aquaman and Wonder Woman.
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    Smile, They say a Smile put your sorrows away but this time your life too

    First time In a good while I am actually interested in a horror movie as somebody who doesn't like them cause they never end up scary or entertaining. It's only a bummer that it's on september 30 when school begins again
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    Finally, Fresh Final Fantasy 7 Remake News

    I am confused, Is this part of the Remake trilogy? Why Remake Crisis Core when they are not done with Remake Part 2 yet?What about the second game though? In the original, this is the point at which we begin to open up the globe and travel. We move the plot forward by going to different places...
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    Miss Marvel is getting review bombed by self proclaimed Marvel Geeks

    Those people are only brave behind their keyboards, but their moms still nag at them in real life. Those incels wonder why they are still single, which is one of the reasons. They are bullying a young girl online because she stars in a show they don't like. They just declared they don't like the...
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    Don’t Worry Darling – A 1950s housewife stuck in a stepford wives nightmare

    There is an Irony having two British lead actors faking an American Accent. This is the first time I heard Harry Styles with American accent.
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    Don’t Worry Darling – A 1950s housewife stuck in a stepford wives nightmare

    Christina Ricci also have a 1950s horror movie too.
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    A Short But Sweet New Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

    Sam Raimi's approach contributed to the gritty creepiness of the film. I'm pretty excited to see this flick. I'm hoping he'll return to direct the third Doctor Strange film. Wanda is tearing down walls, and I'm excited to see her and Strange together. Wanda's Sovokian accent has returned! Yay!
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    Next Tomb Raider Just Now Going Into Production

    I don't think Unified Lara is going to be Survivor Lara. She is another Lara from another continuity, and she could be an amalgamation of the past incarnations. She may have experience Being a Survivor like 2013 Lara, but she also fought Egyptian Gods like OG Lara. Are movie versions also part...
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    Spy x Family Premieres On Crunchyroll April 9

    The Little girl looks adorable, yet she is the most dangerous killer in the trio.
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    The Flashback Interview: Barney Burman

    Fright Night traumatized me as a child because the makeup was so uncanny. That indicates he did a great job. I always want to try learning special effects makeup, but I can't even paint my face properly for a job interview.