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    Rose Winters finally playable in Resident Evil Village

    With its hallucinations and other elements, Rose's gameplay reminds me a lot of RE 3.5. It looks like Leon's gameplay will be similar to this. And I'm so stoked to play to it. I'm excited to see how they handle the story and gameplay with this.
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    Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Hits Digital & Disc Soon

    I enjoyed it in Theaters, I hope the DVD will have deleted scenes and alternate endings. Extra features are the only reason for my to by a DVD or Bluray.
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    The Guys Behind Cobra Kai Want To Make A Duke Nukem Movie

    Who do you think would make an excellent Duke Nukem? John Cena! He have the physique and demeanor to pull it off. I have some faith in this one because Cobra Kai should never have worked and yet did. Depending on how they approach it, this could be amusing. However, I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    Black Adam: Shazam’s Nemisis is a Good guy here

    I'm already enjoying it and believe it will reintroduce DC to the cinematic world. I really want him to become bad, but I'm guessing he'll start off as a "hero" before eventually becoming a villain. Okay, when I first heard The Rock was going to play Black Adam, I was scared he'd be cracking...
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    Netflix Resident Evil screams Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich movies

    Resident evil fans can't catch a break. At least Resident Evil 4 remake looks good.
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    Netflix Renewal Announcements this Geek Week

    Warrior Nun, All of Us are Dead and Sweet Tooth all deserves their renewal. Meanwhile trash like Emily in Paris got renewed up to Season 4 despite being the worst show in existence. Winx Saga getting renewed despite the negative backlash is weird.
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    Mob Psycho 100 Returns For Third Season This Fall

    I adore how Mob Psycho 100 has three seasons and isn't even close to being as popular as a mainstream shounen; it makes it so unique for me. After watching the show numerous times over the past several years and waiting for new material every day, it's odd to see fresh video. Even though I am...
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    The Menu, Anya Taylor-Joy will experience a dining experience to die for

    Basically, a film based on what happens after the cameras are turned off in Chef Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. The Head Chef should have been Gordon Ramsey. That would have been a nightmare.🤣😂
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    Stranger Things Season 4 Will Be Ridiculously Long

    Max is going to be the central character of this season base from the trailers. Elle lost her powers too.
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    Four More Chapters Of Hunter x Hunter Are Finally On The Way

    The Dark Continent arc has the greatest potential of any manga arc I've ever seen. The scope, the riddles, the one-of-a-kind chances to be strange, challenging, and subversive. We'll never get more than breadcrumbs out of that, but I'm hungry and eager to devour those fragments.
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    NeoGeo Game Biomotor Unitron To Be Republished On Switch

    I remember wanting one back then but it is more expensive Nintendo DS. I like games from SNK and now the Saudi Prince purchased them, I am sure we might get a new console
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    The CW’s Fall Schedule Looks Super-Bland

    Stargirl is the only show I watch from this line up. I wish they gave Legends of Tomorrow a series finale season. I hate the new management.
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    Stranger Things Season 4 Will Be Ridiculously Long

    When this show started, most of the cast are little kids and now they are legal to vote. It makes me feel kind of ancient and old. Millie Bobby Brown was like a little girl when the show started and now she have a boyfriend.
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    Netflix Resident Evil doesn’t look Like Resident Evil at all

    This reeks Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich version. I want to see Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, The Redfield Siblings and Ada Wong. That is Resident evil for me not these characters they came out with.
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    She-Hulk -Hulk’s cousin who practices Law and hooks up at Tinder

    LOL Ally Mcbeal in Steroids. Wow they managed to make her hot.