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    Tower of God Season 2!

    I hope Rachel will die! I cannot stand her for what she has done.
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    TOP GUN: MAVERICK Review: A Triumphant Return that Takes the Breath Away

    I shake my head when I hear about the astronomical salary that many actors and actresses earn. When I hear Tom Cruise is getting a colossal wage raise, I nod, thinking he deserves it all. No other famous actor in Hollywood has put himself at as much risk as this guy does to make the action...
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    There Will Be A Lot More Star Wars On TV Soon

    As Whiny and Toxic the Star Wars fanbase is, They always consume. They like to complain but they keep on watching.I can't wait for Obi Wan!
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    Russian Doll

    Crossing my Fingers Season 2 will win awards again because I want a Season 3 and 4. The Producer intended this show to have 4 seasons. I want a Series finale.
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    Moon Knight

    You know what I like about this show? It can stand on its own and you don't need to watch every single MCU stuff.
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    Spy x Family Premieres On Crunchyroll April 9

    I read the Manga and it is Amazing! Hope the Anime will live up to the Manga!
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    Next Tomb Raider Just Now Going Into Production

    Unified Lara? Square Enix hates classic Lara so much that they instead make another variation. So what if Classic Lara is a sex symbol? She is a woman with confidence! All this desexualizing to impress Anita Sarkeesian.
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    The Sea Beast, An adventure from the Makers of Big Hero 6 and Moana

    Those are some cool looking monsters! They look like Pokemons that I want to capture!
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    Dual: Karen Gillan trains her clone to replace her

    Human cloning is illegal because things like this may happen. The clones wont be treated like a citizen of the country.
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    Honeymoon With My Mother -It is like Turning Red but for Adults

    This appears to be the comedy I didn't realize I needed. It appears to be a touching moment near the film's end about a bonding time with his crazy mother. Right now, I really want to watch some comedy, and I think this would help me with my despair.
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    The Flashback Interview: Brooke Bundy

    The other Brooke Bundy is a younger actress with the same name who played Octavia in The Hunger Games. I love reading this interview because she have stories to share from her movies that I get to watch. She explored different genres of movies and If I am an actor, I also want to try everything.