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    WB Just Finished A Batgirl Movie And Plans To NEVER EVER Release It

    That's so unfair to the artists. Are they reimbursing the artists involved? They should.How comes she got a movie and not Batman and Robin?
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    Deadpool Finally Arrives On Disney+

    I've only watched Deadpool 1. I think parents should be mindful of what their children watch. I wonder if Die Hard will also come to Disney.
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    So How Bad Can The Discovery Takeover Of Warner Bros Actually GET?

    It's been a crazy week of news. Are they also stopping the kid's content like scooby doo, Looney tons, and Tom and Jerry? I really don't understand what happens. Is it because of debts? I can't understand these moves.
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    Three wishes for Cinderella, The gazillionth adaptation of the Public domain fairy tale

    This looks very interesting. I've always been a fan of vintage movies. Is it in their original language or is it translated to English? I simply wish it's magical as the original movie of Cinderella. She sure caught a frozen bite with having to walk on the ice.
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    Minions: Rise of Gru, The sequel to the spin off Prequel

    This has my ribs cracking. I'm actually binge-watching it. I always loved the minions.
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    They/Them The slasher film that teaches you about Pronouns

    The trailer is just hilarious for me. The fact that the trailer has views means most people are really feeling this movie and would watch it. Most people are just watching it cause of Kevin.
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    Harley Quinn Season 3: Harley and Ivy, from Best friends to lovers

    I'm not saying with joker, with Ivy. I hope they don't break up cause it's kinda cool seeing how happy she is.
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    Orphan:First Kill Review: Despite the flaws, I want more!

    Internationally I think it will be available for streaming on Paramount plus I wonder if it's another child possession film. They definitely had to de-age her.
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    Transformers: Shattered Glass II Coming This August

    I loved watching Transformers. I also hoped to see the real Optimus meet Megatron. Nonetheless,I'd love to watch this series. I love the concept, and I think it deserves a TV show just like the real Transformers.
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    Stranger Things 4 — WHO’S GONNA DIE? Our Analysis

    Oh this is such a spoiler. I'm still in Season 4. But after reading this I can't wait to watch season finale.
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    Six New Stranger Things 4 Screenshots To Chew On

    I definitely missed Harper, I always thought he would have a happy ending with Stella. Also, Eleven losing her powers wasn't cool.
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    Harley Quinn Season 3: Harley and Ivy, from Best friends to lovers

    I always loved Hailey Queen in joker. Her character was awesome. I'm just worried they're going to break up.
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    Shazam Faces The Fury Of The Gods In New Trailer

    I never thought someone could lose their job cause of supporting Trump. I haven't watched it yet sadly.What are some of the antagonist gods that Shazam has to deal with?
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    The Sea Beast, An adventure from the Makers of Big Hero 6 and Moana

    I haven't watched it yet but since I loved Moana I'm pretty sure I'll love this one. We watched Moana as a family and everyone enjoyed the experience. I'm sure since it's an adventure movie there will be a lot of traveling. I totally love animations cause of my daughter.
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    Shazam Faces The Fury Of The Gods In New Trailer

    Has it been released yet? I only watched the first Shazaam. I'm sure every movie release has to have a delay due to the Pandemic that we all went through. Is the cast going to be the same as it was in Shazaam 1?