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    Silent Hill F – AKA Silent Hill 9

    The trailer looks more like Fatal Frame than Silent Hill but I am still glad that Silent Hill bad even though I am still bitter with the ungreenlitting of Silent Hills because of the potential that has been taken away from us of Konami. Glad Konami stopped committing suicide after all the...
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    What is going on with Konami? What happened to this company?

    Their foolishness with Silent Hills And its demo P.T leads to the success of Resident Evil 7 an Village.
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    Street Fighter 6 – World Tour Opening Movie: The Meaning of Strength gives me clue who the final boss is?

    Karin is my favorite character and now she is gone again. I hope I wont wait for years to see her again.
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    Resident Evil: Project W finally revealed by Dead by Daylight!

    Battle Suit Jill Valentine should be a Killer legendary. She can be a legendary for Wesker or Legion, so we can have a character who is killer and Survivor simultaneously.
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    Video Game genres that died down that should make a comeback!

    Railroad shooters use to be my jam too. it is fun playing them with family and friends. First person shooters have a wider appeal so it killed of the railroad shooters.
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    Lollipop Chainsaw Getting Unexpected Remake In 2023

    I prefer a sequel but a remake will do, I hope they add some new content and make the game longer.
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    Get Ready for the Next Battle – TEKKEN BLOODLINE is Almost Here!

    I am Happy for Tekken fans. As a Street Fighter fan I am so Jealous because we never had a good adaptation.
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    Finally, Fresh Final Fantasy 7 Remake News

    @Wanda I believe the Crisis Core remake is a filler while people are waiting for episode 2. Crisis Core is set in Midgar so they can use recycled assets. Episode 2 will have a more open world so Imagine all the work needed.
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    Ken Masters and Eliza Divorce, The break up that shook up the video game world

    Could this lead to Violent Ken? You know the non canonical evil version of him?
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    Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish….. Why is the title so dark?

    Wish cat really do have nine lives because A cat of mine just runaway 3 days before his operation to get spayed. I am still worried.
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    Turning Red, First Pixar film set in Canada

    Casting actual teenagers made the experience of watching more authentic. These are real teenagers not those 30 year hold horny dogs from Riverdale. Real teenagers are awkward, emotional and having an identity crisis between being a child and being an adult. Growing up with helicopter parents...
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    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R will have a Roster of 50 characters!

    I want Trish, Mariah and more characters from Part 8 to be playable.
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    WB Reshuffles Its DC Movie Release Schedule Again

    If they keep doing this, The kids from the Shazam movie will be unrecognizable after Puberty. The Actress who plays Young Mary is an adult now.
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    Piracy of Entertainment Media is now Legal in Russia

    I just hope people will not blame the Russian citizens. Ordinary people have no control over what their government does. I hope Ukraine gets all the help it needs to keep its freedom. I realized Russians can now watch movies banned in Russia since they can now pirate them.
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    Parents Television and Media Council are Mad because Disney Plus is adding Marvel Netflix shows

    The Black Cauldron, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Nightmare Before Christmas are all Disney films. Not Family Friendly at all.