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    Pics of my collection

    My display room is so cluttered with crap, half of my collection it can't be displayed, half that is on display can't be seen because the shelves are crammed so darn full. I decided to pack it all up, because we might be moving in a few months, but if not, I can reorganize the display room, and...
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    [BUYING] NEED SHF Kamen Rider Gai

    Is there anyone here that can hook me up with one for a decent price?
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    DX Shinkenoh vs Samurai Megazord

    From the reviews I've seen, the Japanese DX toy is much better than the US one. But it seems to me the Japanese version is much harder to acquire now. Is the US one worth paying $30 for until such time as I can find/afford Shinkenoh? Does anyone have Shinkenoh for a decent price? --- I am...
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    eBay seller WTF?

    I won Deneb/Zeronos on eBay a few hours ago, for what I felt was a decent price, $35-ish plus $11 shipping. But, due to my main credit card being frauded yesterday (thanks TFCC!) and closed down, I couldn't pay right when the auction ended, I had to wait until now when I could add a different...
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    ryanlb's collection

    Last week my job made me join the rest of the people living in the future, by way of requiring me to have a smart phone. So I bought an iPhone. Today I found a free app for taking panoramic pictures, and to try it out I decided to show off my collection room. I've been doing quite a bit of work...
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    Boukenger Daibouken

    Looking to buy Daibouken, for under eBay prices. I'd like to get it for under $50 shipped, since I can get one on eBay for that price? I'd prefer it be boxed, but I don't really need it to be. Eventually I want the following figures too, also for lesser than eBay prices, hopefully.
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    [SELLING] ryanlb sale/trade thread

    I am moving my sale list off to an eCrater store to simplify selling across forums. Check it out! AliensAmongUsToys You can still make counter offers thru here though, I certain will consider all offers. All prices include US Shipping! Marvel Comics TPBs: Most any Civil War tie in book New...
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    W Gaia Memories, Memory Gadgets, Role Play

    Memories, Gadgets, SIC SHF W Kuuga, Souchaku Henshin Kiva I would prefer to trade for these items, as much as possible, but I am open to buying as well, it's just I have a lot more to trade than I have to spend. Please check out my Sales/Trade page. Top Wants 1. SIC Den-O Liner Form/Zeronos...