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    Juri Han and Kimberly revealed for Street Fighter 6

    I am glad to finally see a Dark skinned black woman in Street Fighter because the past black ladies this game have, Laura and Elena have light skin. I mean Elena is from Kenya yet a Kardashian sister is more darker skinned than her. I am so finally happy to see an Ebony goddess like Kimberly in...
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    Coraline Returns To Theaters For One Night Only

    The videogame Identity V have characters that looks like they came from Coraline.
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    So How Bad Can The Discovery Takeover Of Warner Bros Actually GET?

    For one thing, They cancelled Legends of tomorrow when all it needed is one last Season. Then they canceled Batgirl even if it is finished. This merger makes me nervous.
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    Stranger Things 4 — WHO’S GONNA DIE? Our Analysis

    Since season 1, I don't believe anyone has been significantly involved or played a significant part. I believe that anyone who has been with us for the entire journey so far will make it to the last season, but since we are nearing the conclusion at that point, I believe that anyone is fair game...
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    Sony’s Developed An…Interesting Take On Kraven The Hunter

    So another Spiderman villain will have his own movie? They never learned from Morbious?
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    Stranger Things 4 Part 2 Trailer Hints At Huge Fight Ahead

    The fact that the gate was first opened in 1983 and that Hawkins was stuck there may also help to explain how Vecna was able to see through his vines, as time may not matter in the upside-down (the STU), where it may even be eternal.
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    Corrective Measures Comes To Digital And Disc July 11

    I believe this is one of the last movies of Bruce Willis. 😭😢 His health is currently dwindling and that forces him to retire. At least he is able to finish some movies before his retirement. Sad to say its the end of an era.
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    Squid Game: The Challenge auditions announced together with Season 2

    I am not sure if I will watch this but screw it! I will audition for that cash prize! I am tired of being poor! I want to look VIP and dress like Anna Delvey.
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    The Genesis Mini Is Back With A Vengeance

    Sony Killed them with PlayStation and they never recovered. So they stopped making consoles. At least they still make games.
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    The Princess: Joey King rather rescue herself than wait for a Prince!

    When I was a little girl, I want to be a Princess but not anymore. I prefer to be the Empress that rules over the Empire! Than a weak Princess to be rescued. I like the concept of this movie. I can't believe Joey King is all grown up now because I remember her a little girl in the Ramona and...
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    Disney’s Pinocchio remake coming to Disney Plus

    Guillermo Del Toro is a Great director so I have some interest for his version but for now I want to focus on Disney because of Tom Hanks. I am not interested on the Paulie Shore one that only got popular because of memes.
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    Zest Tea Variety Pack Giveaway

    Is this like a one year supply of tea? I will join the contest because I want to have a free source of caffeine. Wish me Luck! I hope I can win this promo!
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    Angelyne: Where are they now?

    @Tom23 Freddie passed away an Angelyne don't want to talk about him because his death really hurts her because he has been her most loyal friend. Freddie Messina is dead.Rick, is the photographer you are talking about right?He is based from Scott Hennig, he is still Angelyne's ride or...
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    The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling Versus Chris Evans

    OP, I need to correct you, Ryan Gosling started with action. He use to be Young Hercules in TV. He have martial arts training before. He is more than a romcom guy.
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    The Forgiven – A commentary on the exploitative side of the tourism industry

    It is Justified! These nasty tourists killed his son and because they are rich, they got protection from the Law. The dad wanted Justice for his son who got hit and run by these drunk tourists.