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    Figuarts Fourze Base States / Massigler / Effects Set / Switch Sets 1-3

    I've got some Figuarts Fourze stuff I'm trying to get rid of. These have spent their life sitting on an office desk in a smoke free environment and were purchased towards the beginning of this year. I'm really only getting rid of them because my opinion of Fourze had cratered so much by the end...
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    Figuarts Fourze, stand/effects, Massigler, 3 switch sets

    I'm selling the following: Figuarts Fourze Base States - opened, one stiff leg joint but otherwise fine condition Effect/Stand set - opened, fine otherwise Machine Massigler - opened, fine otherwise Switch Set 1 - opened, fine otherwise Switch Set 2 - opened, fine otherwise Switch Set 3 - Still...
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    Why does everyone hate Go-Onger?

    I'm 35 episodes through and really enjoying it. YES, the bad guys are useless YES, there's basically no plot YES, the giant robots are completely totally and fantastically ridiculous. But it's FUN. The characters are FUN and every episode is basically just random FUN hi-jinks. So yeah - why...
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    How on earth did they adapt Go-Onger as a serious show in RPM?

    So, watching Go-Onger. I'm 9 episodes in and really enjoying it. I then went to check what it's Power Rangers adaptation, and was rather surpised to find it was a darker and serious series. So my question to you, the people who've watched it - HOW ON EARTH DO YOU ADAPT SOMETHING WITH TALKING...
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    Everyone needs to go watch Toei's Spiderman series. Right now.

    This show is AMAZING. Spiderman's outfit is called the "Spider Protector" and shoots out from a bracelet he has on his arm. Spiderman has a car. Spiderman has a giant robot. Yes, Spiderman isn't meant to be like this. But that's ok: The show itself is really, really fun. If you can get over...
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    Good program to make GIFs from videos?

    So Fourze is like, the most giffable show ever. Can anyone recommend a good program for making such gifs?
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    Best place to buy JPN iTunes cards?

    So I'm wanting to get some stuff from the Japanese iTunes store. Can anyone recommend the best place to get Japanese iTunes cards?
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    Repairing bent PVC figures

    So I've been getting some HDm figures recently. They're PVC, which means they're kind of prone to weird manufacturer defects: So yeah, the legs of this figure are pretty badly skewed. The seller recommended I apply a hair dryer to soften + remold the PVC - Is this a wise move? I've also read...
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    Why are people so aggressive when a new Rider show starts?

    Simple question. Why is it that whenever a new Kamen Rider show starts, there's that select group who, after one episode, are declaring it the death of the series / ruined forever / etc? I mean, pretty well EVERY new Rider series is hugely different from the one before it. We' had TWELVE YEARS...
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    Buying Kamen Rider 'Complete CD Boxes'

    I'm after the 'Complete CD Boxes' for the Heisei Rider series - Can anyone recommend any online retailers? I've used CDJapan before which were quite good but charge a bit for shipping to Aus. They're also out of the 555 Box which seems to have been discontinued. Can anyone recommend anywhere in...
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    Running JPN games on a Pal Wii?

    Here's hopefully an easy one: I'm thinking of getting an Australian Wii (Pal), but want to be able to play Climax Heroes on it. How hard/easy is this to do? What risks are there when it comes to loading custom firmware or whatever?
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    Mask Collection series

    Mask Collection series (Part II?) (Continued from, I suppose.) Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't see anything recent searching. How much general interest is there in this line? It looks pretty interesting to me. I'll start...
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    Forum Runner plugin - For a native view on mobile devices

    So I was looking for an iPad app to view forums in a cleaner iPad-type view and I found this: From what it looks like you install a plugin and then your forum is viewable on the Forum Runner app on any Apple or android devices. It claims that it's a fast process but...