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    Why American idol Winners don’t chart anymore?

    They fail to make the audience connect to the contestants to the point of following them post show.
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    Bridget from Guilty Gear caused an online debate after coming out as trans

    I love that the characters supportive of her coming out are Goldlewiss and Ky. Two cis-het straight men!
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    They/Them The slasher film that teaches you about Pronouns

    This was the worst movie I've ever watched, oh my heckers. The film is the furthest thing from a slasher movie, thus the trailer is likewise a complete fiction. I'm furious at how utterly pointless and just offensive this movie was. It mocks the LGBTQ+ community instead of making them feel like...
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    RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season 2

    Aj from Backstreetboys will be one of the contestants.
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    Clickbait Pandemic: Youtube had a fake trailer problem

    In spite of the creative editing, I've come to associate Screen Culture with "clickbait" because of their use of the word "official" in their titles and descriptions, despite the fact that their trailers aren't even legitimate. I fell for their tricks so many times. I wish there is a way to...
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    RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season 2

    Season two’s new format, which was inspired by “The Masked Singer,” already appears to be Much Superior than season one. In fact, I’m excited to watch this! They also use the stage of Queens of the Universe.