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    Doctor X, A Binge Worthy Japanese Medical Drama for people who hates Medical Dramas

    Doctor X is more of a Superhero show than a Drama. Superhero shows have the monster of the week that needs to be defeated. In Case of Daimon, her monsters are tumors.
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    Angelyne, The Pre-Internet Influencer

    Why is a flatty playing Angyline? Emmy Rossum is flat as a board and she is playing a voluptuous lady.
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    Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

    The movie is 90% perfect to me! Remove the cheesy portions, and you've got a pretty powerful message. Nothing lasts forever, and we all have things in our lives we wish we could alter, people we wish we could see again, and circumstances we would do differently if we had the chance. No film has...
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    Killing it! Now available at Peacock!

    @Master The show is hilariously awesome! I mean it is set in Florida the crazy news capital of the US.
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    TV and Film Paws of Fury – Samuel L. Jackson accepted this role….

    This trailer gives me mixed feelings. It appears to be terrible, yet it has the potential to be fantastic. I'll check it out when it comes out to see whether it's any good.
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    House of the Dragon, A 10 episode Game of Thrones prequel

    Should I trust HBO and invest on this show after the terrible ending they gave me. I lost a week of sleep when I got upset from the GOT ending.