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    ULTRAMAN n/a

    Yesterday, the official Tsuburaya youtube channel uploaded a mysterious video without description. The short clip appears to be a teaser for an upcoming film dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Ultra Series.The original video is currently region locked. However, here's a re-post on fb...
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    [SELLING] Ultra Act Ultraman Taro MIB $25

    Selling a complete MIB Ultra Act Taro. Used for display and posing. Joints are right. May have play wears. Comes with box and all accessories .Asking for $25 plus shipping. Will ship worldwide. I'm located in California.Paypal only. If interested, please PM or email
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    [SELLING] D-Arts Digimon figures

    Have three D-Arts Digimon figures for sale, pm if interested. Prices include shipping to U.S. International buyers pay actual shipping.Omegamon MIB - soldImperialdramon Loose -55 shippedBeelzebmon MIB - 60 shipped
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    [SELLING] FS/FT Play Arts Kai Watchmen Rorschach MIB

    Sold. Please delete
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    [SELLING] Four MISB Season 3 Digimon Warp-Digivolving Figures

    Warp-Digivolving Beelzemon Warp-Digivolving Sakuyamon Warp-Digivolving MegaGargomon Warp-Digivolving GallantmonPics:$60 plus S&H each. Shipping from California. Oversea buyers are welcomed.Paypal only. If interested, please email me at Feel free to ask any...
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    [SELLING] Ultra Act Ultraman Renewal MIB $35 shipped

    Ultra Act Ultraman Renewal complete with all accessoriesPics:-Joints are tight except one hip is a bit loose and the other one is extremely tight -Used for display and posing -$35 shipped within U.S -International buyers would be $30 plus actual shipping -Paypal gift only -Please feel...
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    [SELLING] A lot of 5 Digimon Posters for looking.
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    [SELLING] Loose Complete ROTF Leader Optimus Prime

    I have a complete loose ROTF Prime for sale. Only transformed once and remained in truck mode for display. Asking for $35 plus actual shipping. I ship from California. International buyers are welcome. Please feel free to write to me with any questions. Pic will be available in a few days.
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    [SELLING] Revoltech: 050 Gurren Lagann MIB $30 shipped in U.S

    Have a complete MIB Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure for sale. Asking $30 shipped for lower 48 states. For oversea buyers, it will be $25 plus actual shipping. Please feel free to write to me with any questions.Thank you for looking!
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    Tokusatsu Hero MADs

    All Heroes: ?MAD? ??????? -?????- ???? - YouTube?MAD? ??????×Final Wars! - YouTube??????MAD?JAM Project - NOAH - - YouTubeUltras: [MAD] ?????????? -Final Wars!- ????????? - YouTube?MAD? ???????? -ULTRAMANS EVO.- - YouTubeRiders: [MAD] ALL ?????? kamen rider ???? 40?? - JAM Project...
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    [SELLING] $25 GameStop eGift Card [SOLD]

    I would like to trade a $25worth GameStop e-gift card for cash. You send me the money to my paypal and I'll email you the gift card. :)Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!*SOLD
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    [SELLING] Ultra Act Jean-bot MIB for $30

    Selling Jean bot for $30 plus SH. The figure was gently handled by an adult owner from a smoke and pet free home.Paypal only Additional photos are available upon request International buyers are welcome Ship from California Free free to ask questionsThanks for looking!
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    [SELLING] SDCC R.I.P Cliffjumper MIB $30

    I only removed the head from the box for display purpose. The figure was never taken out of the package. Asking for $30+shipping. Paypal only. Thanks for looking!SOLD
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    [SELLING] Revoltech Yotsuba Renewal

    Asking for $30 plus shipping. Price is negotiable. Thanks for looking.
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    Your Favorite Toku Moive Trailer

    Which toku movie trailer fires you up, boils your blood, and you watch it at lease once a month before you see the film?Mine is Ultra Galaxy Legend's Special PV. It's very unique compare to other toku trailers and gives me a range of feelings from nervous to ecstatic excitement. Not to...