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    García!, Spain’s answer to Captain America is now in HBO max

    I wonder if he will have fast aging? There was a movie titled forever Young, which is also about a soldier who got frozen and he ends up aging within a couple of days. So he found his love interest and they reunite as both elderly. I wonder if Garcia will stay young.
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    Nancy Drew’s Fourth Season Will Be Its Last

    Before the Discovery/Warner merger, I love the CW because of the diversity in casting and shows gets renewed and have endings. Their quota for ratings is not that high since they still make money from syndication. Sadly after the discovery Warner Merger, Shows and movies started getting...
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    1899, From the Makers of Dark

    @JerryMattison We can expect religious, mystical, esoteric, alchemist, and who knows what other clues and ideas to be weaved into this based on the way Dark was written. Bloody can't wait!
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    James Bond Casting, If your dream bond is over 40s, Don’t dream its over!

    James Bond have a son with Kissy Suzuki, I want his son to be introduced in the movies.
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    Deadpool 3 will have Hugh Jackman reprise playing Wolverine

    When Wolverine makes his comeback, you can count on my happiness. I broke down and cried my eyes out while watching Logan. Hugh Jackman is the only actor who, in my opinion, is capable of playing the role of Wolverine.
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    Lookism: Netflix’s first Korean Animation

    When Studio Mir is entrusted with the animation, I know it will be excellent. One of my all-time favorite animation studios. I will definitely watch this on Netflix because they've never done a Webtoon adaptation poorly. All of them got renewed with a new season.
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    Thanks for the recommendation but where can I find this? What streaming service streams a Jdrama this old?
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    DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

    This is likely the only telling of the story where his interactions with his victims are mentioned. It is mentioned in all of the variations. The previous films on this killer place an undue emphasis on making the killer the victim of the narrative.
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    The Imperfects, 2nd trailer: A Chupacabra, a Banshee and a Succubus meet in a park

    I want a Season 2! it will be unfair if I cannot see Chupi anymore. He is so cute and innocent despite being a flesh eating monster. Season 2! Season 2!
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    Disney+ Announces The Santa Clauses For November

    I was really aback by Tim Allen's willingness to reprise his role as Santa Claus for The Santa Clauses. When my family and I attended one of Tim's stand-up acts in January, he said that he disliked doing family-friendly material, despite the fact that he features in several of them. He said he...
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    My Policeman, Harry Style’s acting career is getting more direction

    I dislike Tom in novels because he manipulates two people's feelings, but I have a feeling that my opinion of Tom will change after I see Harry play the role. He's really able to convey the feelings of the character and what it's like for him to be a gay man hiding his identity.
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    Andrew Garfield deserves a 3rd Spiderman film #MakeTASM3

    He was really screwed over because the director wanted a reboot. Since Multiverse is a thing, Time to give Garfield a movie of his own. I do want a trilogy too. He is such a nice guy and he was never bitter from the situation and deserves to be rewarded for it.
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    Emily, The life of the influential Bronte sister

    No offense intended I love Emily Bronte, but I kind of detest how everyone simply shrugs off Charlotte Bronte's creative genius and the fact that her life was the most sad of the Bronte sisters. such as when will a film about her be released.
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    Wedding Season – a post genre crime thriller

    I love them together in Vikings so I am definitely going to watch this because its interesting seeing them playing characters who are from the modern times.
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    Miss Universe 2023 will now allow Mothers and Married women to compete

    In theory, including divorced, married, expecting, or parents of young children sounds excellent because it offers all women a chance to fight for the title. But we also need to think about how winning the crown might affect people in the real world. How much extra would it cost candidates who...