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    How to know if a Netflix Original is safe from cancellation?

    When I show got canceled I get my closure from fan fictions.
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    Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World coming this November 18

    Monet was voted off, She also won, became a runner-up, and awarded "miss congeniality." Now She is a judge. During her time as a contestant in drag race, she did everything there was to do. It's too bad that there aren't more people from other countries. But it's going to be great with these...
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    Sandman is renewed for a Second Season!

    Finally! Still, it seems unlikely that they are dragging their feet. Season 2's production costs will be far more than season 1's, but the plot is also significantly more compelling. I would be thrilled to see the full comic book series converted, but I'll be happy with even a handful of...
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    Love is Blind Season 3

    I hope It's not an experiment, based on how the casts are put up. I'll see. Love is Blind Season 3 With its strong combination of recognizable characters, multicultural viewpoints, and intriguing story twists, the first season set a high standard. I'm hopeful that this season's drama focuses...
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    Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Wins Weekend US Box Office

    Gohan and Piccolo really shined in this movie. A great day to be a fan of a character not named Goku
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    The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Comic-Con Trailer Hits Earth

    We found the Weeb. I prefer Goku sounding like a man instead of a Grandma. It is my preference and I am not forcing my preference to yours. People who watches subs acts superior when you guys are a vocal minority. Majority of people watches with dubs!
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    The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Comic-Con Trailer Hits Earth

    Finally an English Dub! I can't stand Masako's voice as Goku, Gohan and Goten. I know she is a legend but I prefer dubs and I only watch subs if I have no choice.
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    They/Them The slasher film that teaches you about Pronouns

    They have the intention of making the LGBTQ community represented but ends up making a movie where they are getting slaughtered instead.
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    Drag Race All Stars 7 is an All Winner edition!

    Bianca must be afraid to shatter her perfect record that's why she is not competing. She is the only winner who is never in the bottom 2 and never lip synch for her life. She also have the most challenge wins and she bulldozed her whole season.
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    White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch

    I rather buy Fenti, A brand that is diverse since its birth. Not a Racist company that tries to change its image.
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    Honeymoon With My Mother -It is like Turning Red but for Adults

    LOL at the Hotel Staff thinking they are husband and wife. I didn't know American movies get remade in foreign soil.
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    Inventing Anna – What are the reactions of the people involved?

    A scam artist who defrauded people of their hard-earned money became a star thanks to Netflix. I wouldn't mind playing a fictional villain if I were an actress, but I would never give real-life criminals a road to fame.
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    Lindsay Lohan signed a two picture deal with Netflix

    I would like to see her do an action or a horror. She did a lot of rom-com and drama throughout her career.