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    Triangle of Sadness: Watch Privileged people suffer!

    The next upcoming Director sensation of Hollywood cinema is Ruben Stlund! He made the entire movie is entertaining, full of incisive satire, and features excellent acting. I had the privilege of going to a special screening of it after hearing Ruben discuss his creative process in a group...
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    We’re Getting Star Wars: Andor September 21

    I briefly enjoyed the nostalgia rush.I do appreciate that, However, that they are returning to their original cast of characters. Disney seems to do better with it than, say, Boba Fett, and who knows how people will react to the sequels? I'm hoping they finish it and introduce more fresh, new...
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    Orphan 2: First Kill, CGI made Isabelle Fuhrman a child again

    I don't have high hopes for the special effects because they do a superb job of making her look like a child in several scenes. Then, you can tell that she is older since the scenes just seem ludicrous. It is even more unbelievable as it is a prequel. Instead, they need to have employed deep...
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    Blasted : Bros before UF-hoes

    I watched it in dubbed because I am lazy to read subtitles and it is still funny in dub. Netflix's dub team is doing a great job.
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    ELVIS Review: Once the King, Always the King

    Seeing this movie on opening day was one of the few things I wished I could have done. Without a doubt, the year's best film for me, although there were times when I thought I was only watching Elvis. I hope Austin Butler receives the recognition he merits for his outstanding work. The timing...
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    Titanic 666 -The Sequel Nobody wished for

    My Heart will not go on with this one. Just like what Rose did to the Heart of the Ocean..... I want to throw the People behind this film to the ocean. They think this is a good idea?
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    Spiderhead -Chris Hemsworth will be the villain of this movie

    In the same film, Thor, Mr. Fantastic, and Black Canary!
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    Machine Gun Kelly shows his comedic side at Good Mourning

    I don't understand why MGK's supporters praise him when he can't act. Even though Eminem has only been in a few films, he has demonstrated that he is capable of acting.
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    Netflix lost 25% of their subscribers, What caused this exodus

    How out of touch of them to blame Password sharers. Their subscription fee had been expensive but their library is not diverse enough. Where are the vintage films? Where are the Network TV shows and why they are not available for all countries?
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    Monstrous is a horror movie set in the 1950s about a mother who escaped her abusive husband only to encounter a tentacled creature

    Cristina Ricci playing a middle age role in deed made me real old because I always remember her as a child-star and a teen star of the 90s.