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    Beasts: Idris Elba and His daughters got stranded in an African Savanna infested with Predators

    I don't like Natural horror genre because it villanizes wild animals. People will rather not preserve them if they are portrayed this way.
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    Hulu’s Predator Prequel Sounds Friggin’ Awesome

    Yeah In the first predator movie, Billy already knew the Yautjas exist he talk about a Legend his tribe encountered.
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    More Casting Announcements for ONE PIECE Adaption

    Let's hope it will have a second season unlike Cowboy Bebop. Netflix should have given the show a chance to grow. It was trending in my country.
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    Shounen Anime and Mangas, Why female characters are sidelined?

    Authors of shounen are hesitant to give the supporting female a victory battle.She always has to lose, so the main hero will be the one to kill the villain. I wish Shounen was more like an ensemble than a single person hogging all the victories.
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    CYCLOPS CHRONICLES: The Story of Scott Summers Fan-Series Interview

    Great Diversion While Waiting for the Return of the Uncanny X-Men on Disney Plus or the Debut of the X-Men in the MCU.I want individual X-men members to be introduced as solo movies before we get this crossover, even if it is an X-men film. Admire the heart of the makers of this Fan Film because...
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    Sonic Origins Is The Ultimate Shrine To The Hog’s Glory Years

    This is coolness achieved by the widescreen and animations alone! Since the Nintendo DS, we haven't had a good selection of these games. I'm excited to see how the game plays once I get to play it. How faithful will it be to the originals that I know and love?
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    Street Fighter : Real People that Inspired the creation of the characters

    I am sad that my nephew only recognize Street Fighter characters as dlc for Fortnite, knowing the rich history of these characters.