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    James Bond Casting, If your dream bond is over 40s, Don’t dream its over!

    A guy on his late 30s always get cast as Bond because they want a man with believable life experience. He is suppose to the most highly trained agent on the game and it is not believable if he looks like a twink.
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    Playstation 5 Now More Expensive Everywhere But America despite inflation

    Sony is getting arrogant because they are confident that they are the King of the Market and people will still buy no matter what.
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    ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD Returns to Theatres in Limited Engagement

    Seeing as how the vast majority of movies with limited release never make it to the theaters in my little town, I could only watch this one through a streaming service. Tesoro is the standout character in this movie.
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    Garou: Mark of the Wolves/Fatal Fury will have a sequel

    I always want to know how the Fatal Fury characters had been doing in the Garou Timeline. I never thought this game will have a sequel. I hope SNK will revive their other IPs.