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    Crunchyroll Announces Blu-Ray Releases For February 2023

    I can't wait to watch slime diaries.
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    The Empress renewed for a Second Season

    What is with people's obsession with these cousin marrying snobs?
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    Zootopia+ is not a Sequel but gives you a closer look of the Zootropolis

    Is Shakira going to reprise the role of Gazelle or is she too expensive? She will kinda need money because of her tax evasion case.
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    The Witcher Renewed For Fourth Season, But Without Henry Cavill

    Without Henry, it will not be the same. He gave the character its present shape. I don't think Liam will live up to Henry's expectations for Geralt. I am aware of all the responsibilities Henry has, including the upcoming release of the new Superman and Sherlock Holmes on Netflix, to name just a...
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    DC Comics Solicitations January 2023

    Harley Quinn Romances is obviously a parody of the Harlequin Romance novels. Look at the comparison, LOL it is an obvious parody.
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    Resident Evil 4 remake: first look at Ada Wong, Luis Serra and Ashley

    Ashley Use guns now! Finally she is not useless anymore.
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    Love is Blind Season 3

    I really hope that they don't try to force any couples this season. It seemed like in Season 2, they were trying very hard to make sure that all of the couples were of the same race, rather than letting them find each other in the same way that Season 1 did. Don't get me wrong, mono-racial...
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    Chucky vs. M3GAN, The Twitter feud we never asked for but needed in our life

    Years Ago, Chucky was feuding with Annabelle and now he starts a fight with another sentient doll.
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    Chris Pratt as Mario a first Look

    I am really excited! The usage of penguins and the abundance of easter eggs in the background give this game a genuine sense of being built with love for the Super Mario series. I am in love and am eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. I'm pretty impressed by Jack Black's performance as...
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    Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

    In recent times, Del Toro has been incredibly productively busy, he is like everywhere in Netflix. It's interesting in a way. I've heard stories of his many failed attempts to start new projects. For unknown reasons, development on Halo, Silent Hill, and The Hobbit was halted. That doesn't seem...
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    Deadpool 3 will have Hugh Jackman reprise playing Wolverine

    I really like the way they do things together, and that's saying a lot considering we've barely seen them interact in any of their solo movies and have only seen references to each other. If Deadpool and Logan's friendship is anything like Ryan and Hugh's, we're in for a wild ride on the road trip.
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    James Bond Casting, If your dream bond is over 40s, Don’t dream its over!

    Craig's Bond died in his last movie so that means the next Bond will not have his own stories. Madeline Swan will not carry over as his love interest.
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    Hellbound Season 2 announced and Netflix shared a deleted scene from Squid Game

    I always Wonder what will happen to the baby because both of his parents died for him. Also I am still wondering why Park Jeong-ja got resurrected. Are we going to see what hell is like?
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    New Gameplay Preview Of Strategy Epic “Gord”

    This is going to be a fantastic Game. When the game actually comes out, I will be so excited to play it. My excitement of finally owning this is beyond control. A sincere and unwavering devotion to the system and insanity structures! I can't wait to hear what else you have planned!
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    Rick And Morty Face Cthulhu In Oni Press’s Latest

    Something is better than nothing.