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    Blonde: Ana De Armas got uncanny resemblance to Norma Jeane

    I believe in the conspiracy that Marilyn got assassinated. I am not talking about the alien pentagon stuff which is the popular theory. Her killer is Lee Strasberg, I mean that guy is her acting coach, how the hell he end up inheriting her estate instead of her family
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    Kodansha’s August 2022 & Spring 2023 Licensing Announcements

    I never liked Shaman King because of how it treated it's female characters. So it has a sequel now because of the anime remake?
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    Octopath Traveler Is Back — On Mobile Anyway

    Seeing so many people labeling games as "boring" is a sad reflection on the current state of gaming. Turn-based role-playing games were decided by younger gamers who want to shoot or play more "mindlessly" and hence demand less attention and are therefore better suited for relaxing. Sadly...
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    Geiru Toneido, Capcom’s latest viral meme character

    Clussy better make it in the Next Ace Attorney Game!
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    Ashley Graham’s face model for Resident Evil 4 remake revealed

    Are we going to have a Resident Evil 5 remake after this?
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    Street Fighter 6 New characters

    Is Marisa's hair a badly modeled Bob or is that a helmet. I know she is not suppose to be a pretty girl but her hair bothers me. They need to remodel it. I believe Lilly was the former Shadoloo Doll Noembelu.
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    Street Fighter characters who are least likely to be playable Street Fighter 6

    I heard Fei-long wont be returning because Bruce Lee's family is now more protective of his likeness.
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    Upload Season 2 Coming to Amazon Prime video

    This show just got renewed for a 3rd Season!
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    The Boys Season 3 look more disturbing than ever

    I'm going to watch both seasons again simply to refresh my memory. Season 3 is going to be incredible! My body is prepared to go on a viewing binge.
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    The Batman Comes To HBO Max April 18

    3 years Ago I was wanting online when he was announced to be the Next Batman but Pattinson proved me wrong. He played the role with conviction and I will happily admit that I am wrong despite of hating on him years ago.
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    The Bubble (2022)

    Maria Bakalova getting a Hollywood break after her breakout role in Borat 2 made me watch this film because I want to see more of her. Pedro Paschal is a scene-stealer as always. The Tiktoker character makes sense in real life because Netflix gave a three-picture deal with a TikToker who barely...
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    Hogwarts Legacy – A dream come true for all Potterheads

    What is the point of a Harry Potter Game is there is no Harry Potter playable?
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    Resident Evil Villains who are still alive and out of the open (spoilers alert)

    I would love to see Jill, Sheva, and Helena be playable again. Back to the topic, I am more excited about the rumored Resident Evil Revelations 3 rumor than Resident Evil 4 remake because of the possibility of Alex coming back.
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    well guys i have decided to leave the board because i have decided to purcue my dream and i know i am not liked here because of my martial arts skills, and out spoken commets and i like to say i really like the board but i just dont have the time to deal with assholes who hate my guts . so ****...