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    Jon Kent Will Be Replaced In Superman And Lois Season 3

    I will undoubtedly miss Jordan Elsass. One of the factors that contributed to the family dynamic, which is one of the critical themes of the show, was his chemistry with his on-screen brother Alexander Garfin. But one's mental health matters, and admitting that one needs treatment is a...
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    WB Delays Shazam And Aquaman Sequels Yet Again

    Hearing that Aquaman and Shazam are being delayed, I'm not surprised and I'm not disappointed because it's a new management team overseeing Warner Brothers and the DC Universe, and while they may have given the go-ahead for some things in that movie, these new people want to make it right and...
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    Orphan:First Kill Review: Despite the flaws, I want more!

    The previous movie was excellent. The fact that they repeatedly employed the same actress truly surprised me. No offense intended, but to make the actress look younger, they really ought to have applied some sort of anti-aging technology. It is absolutely absurd that she played a woman in her...
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    Three Possible Final Fates For The Flash

    In all honesty, I'm sorry for what has happened to him. I recall how excited and respectful he was about playing The Flash in all the interviews leading up to Batman vs Superman back in 2014 when it was initially confirmed he would play the role in the DCEU. Because of what Ezra Miller has been...
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    They/Them The slasher film that teaches you about Pronouns

    Does the killer respectfully asks them for their pronouns before killing them?
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    Halloween Ends: The Final Showdown between Laurie and Michael

    Crossing my fingers that Laurie will Survivor in the end. I hated those retconned movies where she died. I main Laurie in Dead by Daylight so I want my girl to Survive.
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    The Munsters, Prequel of the popular sitcom

    He always use his wife for movies, Eli Roth and Paul Anderson too. It is like being a Simp getting married to their idol.
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    Miss Marvel is getting review bombed by self proclaimed Marvel Geeks

    @fcbetting Kamala Khan is 16 year old in the comics. She is a fan of Carole Danverse, thats why when Carole retired the name Miss Marvel after becoming Captain Marvel, Kamala used the name Ms Marvel as a tribute to her idol.
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    Stranger Things Season 4 Will Be Ridiculously Long

    That monster looks pretty cool!
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    Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Rises Today On Crunchyroll

    This trailer made me cry like a baby. Since we completed it, my siblings and I have been anticipating seeing this. Yes, finally, and the greatest part is that there will be a third season. I hope you're all fine so that we can all watch this together. Never give up!! Since last year, I had been...
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    The Black Phone will make you not trust Strangers

    You forgot to mention that the ghosts also give clues to his whereabouts to his sister's dreams
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    Casper is the Next Classic Ip to get the Riverdale Treatment

    I have great memories of Casper with my grandma, and if she is alive, she will be livid about this one.
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    The Batman Comes To HBO Max April 18

    Some people refuse to watch this because Robert Pattinson came from Twilight, but they should give him a chance. He did great as Batman, and I believe he can elevate the character for more sequels. I prefer him over Affleck.
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    Monkey Island Is Returning — With Ron Gilbert As Captain!

    I never thought this game would have a sequel. I thought it would be a dead IP forever.