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    Thor: Love And Thunder Hits Blu-Ray And DVD Today

    The combat scenes, especially the one in the Shadow Realm, are fantastic, regardless of your opinion of the film as a whole. Yet, I thought Gorr and even Jane Foster made for the film's most memorable moments.
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    Terrifier 2, Art the Clown is back! He is ready for Halloween!

    Art is a work of genius. To learn how to make a horror movie effectively, everyone interested should see Terrifier. I'm eager to see the follow-up.
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    Orphan:First Kill Review: Despite the flaws, I want more!

    I just watched it, It could be better but its okay. I want to see more of Esther so I hope Isabelle gives the role a try one last time before she turns 30.
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    I love that for you, Vanessa Bayer goes from SNL to SVN

    The Plot is similar to Younger, a 42-year-old Single mom who looks young for her age and pretends she is only 26, so she gets the job. This time we have a woman who acts she still has Cancer. What if the twist is she will have Cancer again for real.