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    Trigun Stampede Coming To Crunchyroll In 2023

    So the Orange studio announced Trigun's latest project, which is a complete CG anime. Let's see how it turns out. Orange is touting that show as their magnum opus, the pinnacle of all they've worked on and all the experience they've gained, so it's safe to trust them here; they appear to be...
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    Black Mirror :What alternatives you can enjoy while Season 6 takes forever

    Party City felt like a comedic version of Black Mirror. Dust felt like low Budget Black Mirror episodes. Love Death and Robots is not limited to Science fiction.
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    David King from Dead by Daylight retconned to be Gay

    I was expecting the Gay character to be Ace,Meg or Yui. David is a shocker and unexpected.
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    The Flashback Interview: Barney Burman

    I am not usually familiar with Makeup artists, and they are not getting that much attention despite all the magic they do for us to make our eyes soak in fantasy. The Navi are CGI in Avatar, but Ben Stiller's Navi look can be done with a natural person. Practical effects are a dying art, and...
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    Street Fighter 6 sports a More photorealistic Art Style

    Luke is actually fun to play as. I like zoning and he is the perfect zoning character and very easy to learn too.